Value based education

By Jogesh Changmai Introduction The human society is facing a tremendous value crisis and so many unsatisfactory situations have arisen due to crisis of values and character. There is also devaluation of values in various aspects of life, relating to political, social, philosophical, economic, educational, cultural, and administrative and so many other fields.

Value based education

Reflection References Gardner, R.

Value based education

The Elephant Dilemma Begin by opening your learning journal for this activity. The module commences with an opportunity to review a range of different values about animal conservation through a case study of The Elephant Dilemma in Africa. Inthere was over 1. However, the age-old problem of elephant poaching to meet the worldwide demand for ivory, has been the major cause of this disastrous decline in elephant numbers.

However, the conservation of the African elephant is a complex wildlife management issue. With better anti-poaching measures and strict trade bans in place, elephant numbers grew rapidly in some areas. However, the area of land available to them remained restricted.

This has had a major effect on the biodiversity of local ecosystems and a range of new management strategies introduced, such as culling elephant numbers and removing some to other territories. Culling is a controversial management practice.

What Are Values? And What Is Their Relevance To Medical Decision-Making?

Some say that it is cruel to kill such a beautiful and majestic animal. However, others are concerned about the deteriorating condition of ecosystems where there are too many elephants and by the damage to farm crops that is increasingly becoming a problem.

And what should governments do with the stockpile of ivory from elephants that are culled? Many of these countries have low levels of national income and have argued that it is unfair to stop them from earning money from exporting their legally gathered ivory stores. Identify three types of persons you would need to interview in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of different viewpoints on the Elephant Dilemma.

Make a list of i three arguments for and ii three arguments against relaxing the international ban on trade in ivory and other elephant products.

What beliefs about i animal rights, ii economic development, and iii social development lie behind these contrasting views?

Values education: what, how, why and what next?

Towards an ethic of sustainability Begin by opening your learning journal for this activity. A sustainable future depends upon people living according to values and principles of sustainability, including: Social Equity and Peace.#9 in Best Value Schools #12 in National Universities (tie) The California Institute of Technology focuses on science and engineering education and has a low student-to-faculty ratio of DS School.

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Value-based management can best be understood as a marriage between a value creation mindset and the management processes and systems that are necessary to translate that mindset into action.

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Taken alone, either element is insufficient. Value based education is the need of the hour essay writer Genel European integration quotes in essays essaye moi musique film rayuela capitulo 73 analysis essay the theory of everything film analysis essay 7 cooperative principles essay.

Nov 24,  · Home» Value based education a remedy for social evils essay» Value based education a remedy for social evils essay Value based education a remedy for social evils essay. Posted by on Nov 24, in Value based education a remedy for social evils essay | 0 comments. The worldly education makes people literate, but value-based education makes people good human creating a better society to live in.

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