The unredeemed captive

Comments A reenactment of the abduction of Eunice Williams. InMohawk Indians raided the frontier town of Deerfield, Mass. They captured local pastor John Williams, along with his family. Eunice Williams, born Sept.

The unredeemed captive

Comments A reenactment of the abduction of Eunice Williams. InMohawk Indians raided the frontier town of Deerfield, The unredeemed captive. They captured local pastor John Williams, along with his family.

An Unredeemed Captive: Chapter 1

Eunice Williams, born Sept. She converted to Catholicism and married a Mohawk Catholic. Her family never gave up trying to bring her home, but when they finally reached her as an adult it was too late.

She refused to return, and her Puritan family never got over the loss.

The Deerfield Raid

Pierre Maisonnat dit Baptiste. Baptiste had wrought havoc with English shipping on the Atlantic Coast on behalf of the French until he was captured by the British. Vaudreuil wanted the pirate returned, and the best way to do that was to capture an important English prisoner and offer him for exchange.

On the night of Feb. They killed 39 people, including small children. They plundered possessions, set houses on fire and slaughtered cows, pigs and sheep.

The Indians took people captive, including the surviving members of the Williams family: Then they began the two-month journey through the snowy wilderness into New France. The children and their father would survive the long winter journey. Their mother would not. Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil.

Was he ultimately responsible for the abduction of Eunice Williams? All four were turned over to the French authorities. Stephen was still at large in the woods with the Abenaki. He would stay with them for 14 months, until he was ransomed and sent to join his father in captivity in a small village near Montreal.

John Williams visited his daughter once, and she begged him to take her with him. He told her to pray and to remember her scriptures. Byfive of the Williams family were ransomed and sent home. The family gave her a new name: He also heard she didn't want to return to her family.

Schuyler stayed in touch with her Mohawk family in an effort to redeem her.

The unredeemed captive

In March of the Williams family learned the melancholy news that Eunice Williams had married an Indian. She had forgotten her English, and they needed a translator to communicate.

Schuyler pleaded with her to return to her family. She said no, not even for a visit. John Williams, father of Eunice Williams The next year, her father visited her.

New England Historical Society

She did not give him so much as a pleasant look. He would never see her again. He had become a minister in Longmeadow, Mass.

The next summer Eunice and Aronson brought their children first to Longmeadow to visit Stephen, then to Coventry, Conn. Finally they went to Mansfield, Conn. InEunice Williams and her family came to spend the winter with her family in Longmeadow and Deerfield, where her brother Elijah lived.

Stephen hoped that this long visit would persuade her to stay, but again she refused.The book The Unredeemed Captive is probably the best history of this event ever written.

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In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous John Demos. The Unredeemed Captive was a brilliant attempt to pull together both an interesting story with many historical facts. I ultimately believe that Demo's main purpose in writing this piece was to write a story.

The Unredeemed Captive - A Family Story by John Demos was about Eunice Williams’ captivity and the ordeal her family went through to try and get her to return home. Eunice was captured together with her family and over other town residents in the Deerfield Massacre of The Unredeemed Captive (nonfiction) shows the path of abduction and adoption of American settlers by Indians.

The book starts in when protestant pastor John Williams and his five children are taken captive at Deerfield, a small village in barnweddingvt.coms:

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