Social networking sites 3 essay

Social Network Impact on Youth Introduction Online social media have gained astounding worldwide growth and popularity which has led to attracting attention from variety of researchers globally. Although with time all generations have come to embrace the changes social network has brought about, teenagers and young adults are the most fanatic users of these sites. According to various research studies in the field of online social networks, it has been revealed that these sites are impacting the lives of the youth greatly.

Social networking sites 3 essay

Contact Author we are all linked together today in more ways than ever before Sometimes a good idea can turn into something very bad.

Social Networking is a good example of this. When it was created it was so that people could share thoughts and ideas with like minded people and keep in touch with distant family. Then it evolved into the monster it is today. It is heavily involved in every aspect of your life now even if you choose not to use it.

How many times do potential employers base their hiring decisions on what they see on social media rather than on the resume?

Social networking sites 3 essay

How many stories are there of people losing their jobs, health insurance coverage and even their relationships because of something on social media that seemed totally innocent at the time? There are a wide array of Social Networks out there today.

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When we post on the Internet we think we are safe and secure in our own living rooms or offices. Even those who are not on your circle lists ie: Friends lists in Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc. Think of it this way; if you are in a restaurant with your spouse having a conversation over dinner it is reasonable to assume that if you are not a little more careful those at tables around you, even though not specifically involved in your conversation, can still hear what you are saying correct?

The Social police The Illusion of Security The internet is definitely not secure, no more secure than walking down a street in the middle of the day in a very large city. In such a scenario you are routinely filmed without your knowledge by CCTV, cell phone cameras, regular everyday digital cameras and even the occasional TV camera.

The internet is the same way only instead of video, your every keystroke is recorded, every photo you upload is archived. Have you read it?

Have you read any of the end-user agreements on these social media websites? Did you know you cannot delete your Facebook account? You can deactivate it but it will always be there and hackers love inactive accounts. The password never changes.

On many occasions law enforcement has been able to track people and their activities based purely on internet activities alone. Most of the time this is for a good reason, to be sure, but have you ever asked yourself how they got access to this or that private chat message when they are obviously not a part of the social media circle in question?

So, be sure of it, everything you put up on the internet STAYS on the internet for at least a VERY long time and it can be viewed by a wide variety of people for many different reasons.

Every time you visit a website your IP address is recorded in a log file somewhere and associated with that website. She was given time off from work to deal with the issue and was paid by the medical insurance company while she was off from work. On the advice of a doctor, recommended to her by the medical insurance company, she took a vacation to Mexico to help relieve the stress and depression.

She posted pictures of her vacation on Facebook when she got back and the insurance company seen them, they said she was lying and could not possibly be depressed and going on vacation at the same time and cut off her benefits.

This woman probably thought she was only posting to her own circle and chances are good the insurance company is not a part of that circle yet they still got the photos. How did that happen?

Social networking sites 3 essay

No privacy on the internet. There are other stories out there as well, teachers who have been disciplined for what they have said on Facebook in private chats or in rooms. Police officers,various other public officials, etc.

Social Media is not for children who do not understand why the concept of privacy and safety are important. The Illusion of Safety The internet is definitely not safe. Especially for your kids. The best piece of advice I can give in this area is to learn how to use the built in firewalls on your routers to block out specific websites from your child or even for your own benefit.

Do not just rely on the built-in Parental Controls that comes with software firewalls to work. Most of these do not screen out social media the way it should.

In my opinion no one under the age of 18 should even be on social media. It serves no purpose to kids other than to distract them, keep them inside and get them into trouble. Consider the recent bullying cases involving Facebook. In the old days, before social media, a bullied child would at least normally be safe at home from the bullies but now they get no respite at all, bullying in schools pours over to bullying at home in the form of Facebook threats, insulting tweets and constant insulting and threatening text messages.

They are distractions at best and tools of aggression and hostility at worst. Constant and unrelenting bullying has lead to suicide among our young people.

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Social Networking's Influence on Eating Disorders Essay Words | 5 Pages. Not only is America’s infatuation with obesity a recurring issue, Facebook (FB) and other social networking sites have influenced eating disorders in their own Social networking services allow you to network and are a good way to keep in touch with people who don’t live nearby.

True Social networking sites are secure and it is safe to access them from public computers and WiFi Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, Social Networking Essay This paper aims to discuss the negative impacts that social networking sites pose on today’s media savy generation.

It is apart of my Words 3 Communication Employers who are restricting employees' ability to connect with others though social networking sites.

December 3, Social networking has exploded across the Internet in

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