Role of english in modern life

English language has enriched the Indian language and culture and has broadened our outlook on life. India is a sub-continent inhabited by diverse people. The mother tongue of one state is Greek or Latin to another. Thus, English has directly helped India to achieve unity in diversity.

Role of english in modern life

Importance of English in this modern world Posted Date: Effective communication is highly useful as it can convince people and it can make people understand clearly. Introduction English is very important in this modern world. Apart from our mother tongue we need to have a common language which makes us able to communicate with other part of the world.

English is the common language which is known to most of the people in the world. It is very important to have good English because an effective communication can reach people better.

Role of english in modern life

English words used must be simple so that it can be reached to people easily as well as easily understood by everyone. Nowadays English is being taught to children at primary level itself. Students are strictly made to speak in English when they are in school premises and some modern missionaries schools also punish students with a fine penalty - this helps in building a good communication as well as body language.

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English can be improved by constant usage, by watching films, reading books with high level Grammar, playing games and trying to use new words. English can be improved by practice. As we know, practice makes the man perfect as well as using good pronunciation and grammar.

Most of the jobs in today world are based on English such as IT sector, business field, call Centro jobs and teaching job, etc. So students aspiring for good jobs need to stress upon their English and usage of it because their job depends on this simple structure.

English is quite easy in comparison with other languages. Basic English one can learn easily and effortlessly. Mostly people can learn English easily if they try to mater some rules and regulations.

Unlike many languages, English does not have a complicated structure and except for a few areas of Grammar, it is quite simple. English is mainly divided into two accents - US and British. US accent is very slow compared to British accent.

Most people of the world follow British accent and only some people follow American accent. In the modern world English is highly useful to have business relations as well as social network with friends and family.

A better communicator can communicate effectively and this reaches people very well and chance of misunderstanding is quite less.

People can be influenced with your thoughts and ideas as well as they can connect to them without much complications in understanding. It is not just English is only a mode of communication; apart from English there are many languages but English is understood by many people and is the most commonly used language.

English is taught to small children at pre-primary level itself. This makes understanding it easy. English is simple at the basic level but if we go deep into it, it is quite tough. The functional grammar is very hard.

English must also be learnt because it is used to read various instructions on the road and many other places. It becomes a medium to study various subjects and master them.What is the role of english language in student life?


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India has been moving towards progress in this age of science. Many of the books on higher study on science, technology, engineering, medicine, etc.

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Jul 10,  · The Importance of the English Language in Today's World. Updated on July 12, English is very need in my life. I love learn English and another international languages English is a such a language with this language we can go to a higher position or higher stage without English we were nothing in this modern world.

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In the modern times, the English language is critical for everyone.

Is English essential in today’s world?

Importance role in different sectors; English was playing an important part in the various areas of engineering, medicine, and education for the opinion. everyone. People can use it internationally. The other regional language of the country is absolute the.

Importance of English in this modern world