Restricted access to thesis

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Restricted access to thesis

Application for a Restriction to be placed on a Thesis 1.

Restricted access to thesis

In such a case an application for restriction should be included when the student submits their thesis. Some research projects are funded, partly or wholly, by outside agencies and a restriction may be stipulated in the contract which is drawn up with the University.

If no contract exists, it is the responsibility of the student to put together a structured case to support their application for a restriction. The University's Quality and Standards Committee QSC can grant a restriction of access to a thesis for a period not exceeding 2 years in the first instance with the possibility of an extension of that period up to a maximum of 5 years.

A restriction to a thesis does not affect the award of the degree in any way. An application form is available below. As part of the application the student's supervisor is responsible for providing a statement regarding the research being undertaken, comments on the need for a restriction and the current research project number.

Procedure The student concerned completes an 'Application for a Restriction to be placed on a Thesis' form see below ensuring all boxes have been completed.

Although the student may not know the relevant research project number, it is important that the student's supervisor provides this piece of information. In the case of a retrospective application, the printed copy or the electronic copy or both may already be accessible. In this case the form may be copied by the student or School to Information Services to request immediate restriction as a temporary measure until the Committee's final decision is notified.Restricted Access.

On page 4 of this document you will find the application form for restricted access of a Master's thesis.

If restricted access to a Master's thesis is required an appropriate application for up to five years (see application form) must be submitted. To protect this type of material, access to these research outputs can be restricted where the University accepts that there are good reasons for doing so.

A thesis embargo may be appropriate where the thesis contains material that is. Crown corporations have been a part of Canadian life for almost a century, and for as long as they've existed, there has been debate about whether they should exist at all.

The Intuition/Deduction Thesis

On the eve of the. Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee debut Menil Drawing Institute, dedicated to modern and contemporary drawing, on November 3. On November 3, the Menil Collection . RESTRICTED ACCESS TO THE LIBRARY DEPOSIT COPIES OF A RESEARCH DEGREE THESIS.

Guidance notes. justifications for a refusal to allow access to a restricted thesis. In most instances, the exemptions are subject to a public interest test.


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