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StarClan must have shared their wisdom with this article, because it was previously featured on the front page. A camp is a site where a Clan makes its permanent home.

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It is where the cats sleep, meet, bring fresh-kill[1] get treated for injuries or illness, [2] receive orders, share tongues, make reports to the Clan leader or deputyand have ceremonies. Each Clan has one camp. The main criteria for choosing a site that is: Is difficult to attack, and easy to defend.

Cats gather here to meet each other, sun themselves, share tongues and participate in Clan meetings. The main clearing usually also contains: The fresh-kill pile, a spot where hunters drop the prey they caught and brought to the camp and where cats get their food from. Sometimes, if it has rained, they will store their prey in the ground to keep it dry.

Beddings of moss, bracken, wool, and ferns are used to rest on. The dens are usually cleaned and tidied by Pile code apprentices of the Clan. Most camps contain all or several of the following: Nursery - The den shared between the queens and kits, [12] usually the safest and most protected.

They usually spend most of the day here in seclusion and undisturbed; however, they can be visited by other cats, or choose to spend the night with their mate.

Burial place - A location where dead Clanmates are buried. Known camps In the forest ThunderClan The ThunderClan forest camp is in a sandy ravine that used to be a riverbed a long time ago.

The camp consists of a clearing edged with thick grass, dotted with tree stumps, and has a thick curtain of ferns and gorse shielding it. There is a tall boulder in the clearing, called the Highrock, used by the leader to call meetings. A bit away from the nursery is a crowded corner of ferns, which have a tall barrier of gorse behind it.

At one side a fallen tree lies, its tangled branches folded on the ground. The fresh-kill pile usually lies at the side of the clearing. The nursery is under a thick bramble bush. One tall rock stands at the side, split with a crack to keep herbs inside.

There is a maze of twigs that eventually lead to an empty space among tangled branches. The entrance is through a gorse tunnel. A tall boulder, called the Tallrock is used by the leader to call meetings.

All of the dens are tightly woven. It can be reached only by swimming, and as cats from other Clans cannot swim and hate water, in generalthe camp is rarely attacked.

All dens are made up of tangles of reeds. It is mentioned that cats weave feathers in the reeds and decorate the edges with rocks and shells. It is made of willow branches and reeds. The entrance is through a thorn tunnel. A smooth boulder, known as the Clanrock, is at the edge of the clearing and is used by the leader to call meetings.A Snapshot Look at Average Installed Helical Pile Prices Across the United States.

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