Oracle database case study

The Challenge The customer is one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States.

Oracle database case study

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Today, instead of trying to manage multiple partners individually, all of the modern marketing tools and tactics partners need Oracle database case study launch campaigns, reach out to prospects, leverage social media and Oracle content, are available from a single platform.

Partners can easily access and utilize a wide array of content and social media posts from Oracle to repurpose or easily customize multitouch email campaigns to nurture customers and drive business.

When Oracle saw how many leads were being generated by campaigns, they added telemarketing support to more effectively process and score leads to get the hottest opportunities to the sales force as quickly as possible.

Zift helps Oracle prioritize active leads based on partner interaction and supports partners as they move leads through the sales process, providing key insight into the best time and methods to follow-up with leads. Plus, Oracle can easily see into the partner pipeline to monitor lead activity and ensure that qualified leads progress through the funnel to close.

Zift Managed Services also provides Oracle channel partners with direct access to a team of experts to help them execute campaigns, define priorities and utilize all of the tools and tactics now at their disposal for optimal results. With such a large partner network, it was difficult to provide the right resources to support various sales efforts, particularly as partners hold diverse specializations and need to demonstrate their unique levels of expertise in order to capture and expand business opportunities.

Oracle needed to be able to bring together partners interested in specific solution sets and provide the content and marketing materials required to market themselves to prospects more efficiently and effectively. Oracle also needed to enhance visibility in order to evaluate campaign return on investment ROI.

They wanted to be able to see exactly which resources were being used and which campaigns got the most or least amount of traction with partners. Oracle channel partners using Zift Solutions are capturing hundreds of new leads, including over new leads from just the first four 4 campaigns.

An Oracle global partner in Sweden recently launched a email campaign using Zift Solutions, which quickly generated 10 hot new leads. The partner is much more active on social media thanks to Zift, which is proving to be a huge competitive advantage and has helped the partner double conversion rates.

Using Zift, it has proven much easier for the partner to expand their reach using relevant content for social media and market directly to prospects without the need for additional resources.

A French partner is currently using Zift Solutions to broaden their reach by targeting a U. The partner is saving time, enjoying how easy it is to manage and expand social media efforts.

Oracle is pleased by the partner self-sufficiency empowered by Zift Solutions. Not only do they have more leads, Zift supports partners in developing a more proactive approach for growing their business and the ability to be more strategic in their marketing efforts.CUSTOMER CASE STUDY Oracle E-Business Suite The Halifax Herald Masks Oracle’s Reporting, Uploading and Database Limitations with GL Wand and Budget Wand.

Oracle Database is available in flexible cloud database configurations, from virtual machines to bare metal servers with two or more cores, up to full Exadata racks, all . Case Study and Map Implementation with Spatial Database: With Oracle Map Builder and Mapviewer [Ravi Kant Vyas, Bachha Lal Pal, Anurag Porwal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This book is concerned to the study and implementation of spatial data base which is related to the geospatial objects.

Oracle database case study

Data to be stored in database is going more and more complex day by Ravi Kant Vyas, Bachha Lal Pal, Anurag Porwal. itelligence Poland is transforming to become a pure-play cloud services provider, with new infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings, built on IBM® Power Systems™, IBM FlashSystem™ and Oracle Database.

An Oracle RMAN case study showing how RMAN improves backup and recovery efficiency in a multi-platform, multi-application environment.

IT - Case Study Oracle Contents • • • • Startup & Shutdown Processes Memory.

Tutorial for Oracle. Learn Oracle DBA with Examples