Lessons from indian army for indo pak

Or has Congress President Rahul Gandhi overplayed his hand? His father Rajiv Gandhi a decent man surrounded at work and home by those with a weak grip on integrity was savaged by the media and the Opposition over Bofors. His seat majority fell below seats. There are six key elements in the Rafale deal that need the disinfectant of sunlight:

Lessons from indian army for indo pak

First you said Latin, then now you say Persian. Can you provide me any authentic reference of Lithuanian importing Sanskrit words from Persian? Talk to any Lithuanian linguistic expert about your NEW theory. You need not pity My sense of logic, for its not something that I cooked up on the fly.

And it is not just this one book.

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It is after reading such books did I start blogging on this otherwise little known information, so that others can get easy access to this information, and understand the true history of mankind. Inspite of the very little time I get from my science research, I try to reply to every comment made on this blog, and try to have a great patience no matter how much provocating comments the other makes.

Lessons from indian army for indo pak

You Lessons from indian army for indo pak welcome to continue substituting this blog for comedy serials. Vedic world doesnt mean only pro-dharmic culture — there were even asuras, danavas, rakshasas etc.

Ever heard of Mayasura, the father of Mandodari? Yash P There are many like me who consider this blog as a very good source of rare information and articles with good quality and clarity.

I consider it an insult to the maturity of readers like me. If you disagree with a point argue on that point. If you dislike this blog apparent from your views then do not read it.

I am surprised that the moderator is continuing to allow your comments. BTW kannada is not exactly derived from telugu and these 2 essentially developed independent of each other in and around the same time frame. Where did I say, I am proud of building or using nukes. Is stating historic facts and interpretaions the same as being proud of them?

And I have also said that not only nukes but even war is bad, and we should learn from past lessons in history.

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In WW2 I have shown with proof about Postdam declaration http: Why do you only blame the US for nuking Japanese cities? US administration was responsible only for the safety of US citizens. Didnt Japanese administration know about US call to surrender and nuclear threat?

Use of nuclear bombs on Japanese cities could have been averted if Japanese rulers had even reciprocated to the call of the allies to surrender. Finally it is the common man of these two Japanese cities who suffered and their safety was the responsibility of Japanese administration, not US administration.

Enemies always attack you, its your rulers who should protect you.

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This is simple political law. You talked about may be Maya is a co-incidence. May be Lithuanian got sanskrit words from Persian etc. Regarding southern Indian languages, the generally held view is that Tamil is oldest, followed by Kannada and then Telugu — and I subscribe to this view.

If your claims of Telugu being oldest were true and had sufficient evidence of that, then by definition Telugu would become a classical language and should have been declared so by now. Tamil has already got the classical language status along with Sanskrit, and so is Kannada. Kumari Khandam is not a small area.

I have mentioned already khanda is the equivalant of a continental mass, just like Bharatha Khanda. Moreover there is also scientific proof of the said region being a continent back in time.

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The very basic knowledge a person knowing Pakistani politics should have is that Pak nukes were Chinese blessings. And I am not joking on this. The moment you say you know about Pakistani politics, you should know very much about the Chinese influence on it, because without China Pakistan is nothing.Search for recognition is one of the pursuits which all human beings indulge in and continuously strive for.

For professionals, promotions and advancement i.


9K Jumbo care! India gets its first dedicated elephant hospital near Taj Mahal. The Indo-Pakistani War of was a military confrontation between India and Pakistan that occurred during the liberation war in East Pakistan from 3 December to the fall of Dacca on 16 December The war began with preemptive aerial strikes on 11 Indian air stations, which led to the commencement of hostilities with Pakistan and Indian entry into the war of independence in East.

19K Rafale deal: Had no role in choice of Indian offset partner, says French government. The Indian military — including the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Coast Guard — are severely short of helicopters of different categories.

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“Why should a state of the Indian Union have a special status? It conveys a wrong signal not only to Kashmiris but also to the separatists, Pakistan and indeed the international community that J&K is still to become integral part of India, the sooner Article is done away is better.”.

Lessons from indian army for indo pak
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