Iliad character weaknesses

See Important Quotations Explained Summary The poet invokes a muse to aid him in telling the story of the rage of Achilles, the greatest Greek hero to fight in the Trojan War. The narrative begins nine years after the start of the war, as the Achaeans sack a Trojan-allied town and capture two beautiful maidens, Chryseis and Briseis. Agamemnon, commander-in-chief of the Achaean army, takes Chryseis as his prize. When Agamemnon refuses, Chryses prays to Apollo for help.

Iliad character weaknesses

He was a Greek hero, the son of Anticlea and Laertes, a great leader and eloquent speaker. Odysseus was said to have loved Helen of Troy but ended up marrying, Penelope.

He was also behind the making of the famous Trojan horse and known for his adventures in the Underworld. Odysseus had made his mark in leadership and have several traits attributed to him.

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Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek hero: Strengths of Odysseus 1. Courage There have been many instances where Odysseus manifested courage. He was said to have helped Ajax and Diomedes to fend off Trojan attacks which resulted to killing their enemies.

Also, when Diomedes was wounded by the arrow from Paris, Odysseus defended him until he was able to escape.

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This was even if he was almost killed in the process as he faced the Trojan soldiers alone. The Greek leader also saved his men against several monsters. Along with his son, Telemachus, Odysseus fought the Cyclops, blinding them during the battle and escaping Calypso.

Moreover, in one of the hardships he has faced, he was able to persevere despite the interference of Poseidon while he was traveling at sea. Odysseus showed courage in braving the rough seas, the same courage he showed when he faced the numerous suitors of his wife, Penelope.

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Intelligence When it comes to intellectual prowess, Odysseus demonstrated this strength at different times. One was when he was able to persuade Achilles to rejoin the battle, knowing that this will give them leverage over their enemies. Since Achilles was slippery and tried to avoid being found, he disguised as one of the women.

Odysseus, on the other hand, was able to identify Achilles among these women by presenting weapons.

Achilles was the only one interested in the weapons and when Odysseus sounded the horn, Achilles picked up a weapon and blew his disguise. Perhaps one of the most famous instances where the Greek showed his intelligence was when he planned to attack the Trojans by gifting them with a Trojan horse after Helen of Troy was abducted.

Inside the hollow horse were soldiers who attacked the Trojans while they were drunk and asleep.

Iliad character weaknesses

Confidence Odysseus wanted to go back to Ithaca despite knowing that it will take him years of challenges and hardships. He was confident enough that he had the intelligence, weapons and machinery to make this happen.

He believed in himself that he was able to convince his men to follow his orders and listen to what he said. Odysseus was also confident that he can inspire and motivate his men which made it possible for him to lift their morale during the war.

Ambition With his confidence and courage, Odysseus had the goal to win the Trojan War and be recognized as a hero. Just like other gods, he wanted to have a higher status and be known in his society. It was also his goal to return to Ithaca and to his wife and son despite learning that there were already many suitors surrounding Penelope during his years of absence.10 Odysseus Strengths and Weaknesses Also referred to as Ulysses, Odysseus is one of the characters in Homer’s epic, Odyssey and also a protagonist in another Greek epic, Iliad.

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Character List His main flaw is his excessive pride.

He was a Greek hero, the son of Anticlea and Laertes, a great leader and eloquent speaker. The Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of every man's journey through life.

In the myths and legends that are retold here, renowned translator Robert Fagles has captured the energy and poetry of Homer's original in a bold, contemporary idiom and given us an edition of The Odyssey to read aloud, to savor, and to treasure for its sheer lyrical .

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In most sources, including the Iliad and the Odyssey, Helen is the daughter of Zeus, and Leda, the wife of the Spartan king Tyndareus. Euripides' play Helen, written in the late 5th century BC, is the earliest source to report the most familiar account of Helen's birth: that, although her putative father was Tyndareus, she was actually Zeus' daughter.

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