How to write an email to a company requesting information

Requesting Information Guidelines and Alternate Phrases Focus immediately on the information you need.

How to write an email to a company requesting information

When you are fortunate enough to get a referral for a job opening, use it to your advantage. Even if the person who referred you is a personal acquaintance of the employer, not a business associate, you can still mention your connection when you ask for more information about the job. Make sure the person who gave you the referral doesn't mind if you mention her name when you send an inquiry email to the employer.

The Right Hands Send the email to the right person when you inquire about a job.

how to write an email to a company requesting information

For example, the person who gave you the referral might give you the name and direct email address of the hiring manager so you don't have to wade through various email recipients to get to the right person. If you don't have a direct email address, use the contact information on the job solicitation, but mention the referral in your email.

You might also look online to see if the company or organization lists the hiring manager's email address. Do not use personal, non-work related email addresses to ask about job openings, even if you have a personal referral. Powerful Introductions The subject line is an important part of your email so the hiring manager or human resources director doesn't disregard your inquiry.

Because the recipient doesn't know your name, it's a good idea to mention your referral in the subject line. Get On First Base Mention your referral in the first or second sentence of the email so it doesn't get overlooked.

You might say "I am interested in your accounting position and would like to get more information about the job. Jane Jones and I are neighbors and she suggested that I contact you.

Include two or three sentences about your previous work experiences, academic achievements or technical qualifications so the hiring manager doesn't think you are just trying to name drop to get the job.

Example Letter to a Mortgage Company Requesting a Loan Modification

There's no need to mention your referral when you describe your qualifications. Only mention your referral once or twice in your email so you don't sound insecure or needy. Don't Jump the Gun Offer to use your referral to vouch for your skills, qualifications and character, as long as you clear it with her first.

You might close your email with "I look forward to hearing back from you about the job and Ms. Jones said she would be happy to give you a recommendation on my behalf. Wait until you hear back from the employer and decide that you definitely want to apply before you provide contact information.

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how to write an email to a company requesting information

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