Fuzzy math

The latest Medicare trustees report says the Medicare Part A trust fund, which covers payments to hospitals, will run out of money bythree years earlier than projected just last year. Medicare remains on an unsustainable path. Financial Outlook Worsens Trump made claims about strengthening Medicare — the health insurance program for senior citizens and the disabled — several times over the course of three days in early September. In remarks at the White House on Sept.

Fuzzy math

Jul 29, marcos sahade rated it it was amazing Soy fun Feb 20, Gil Bradshaw rated it liked it This is sort of a stale topic since the book analyzes the Bush Tax Plan as proposed in the Presidential Election.

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However, most of the ideas contained in the book are not stale at all, and a very succinct summary of tax policy as well as a recent history of tax policy in the U. While I believe Krugman to be factually accurate, he is obviously liberal I don't think that's a bad thing, but one must keep this in mind as they read this book.

Krugman makes a lot of sense in many parts of this This is sort of a stale topic since the book analyzes the Bush Tax Plan as proposed in the Presidential Election. Krugman makes a lot of sense in many parts of this book, while in others his logic falls apart.

For example, in the same breathe as lambasting Bush's tax cuts which he deems reckless with an impressive economic reviewKrugman discusses how we should maintain the funding of social security as a priority because "It's the moral thing to do.

Krugman later elaborates how challenging the sustained funding of medicare will be as the Boomers retire.


It was fascinating to read this book today years after the publication date. I have the hindsight of the great recession and other major historical events that shaped the post-publication years of this book.

I felt like I was reading the pre-quel novel.'Fuzzy math' is pure mathematics rather than applied mathematics. It's an intellectual framework for discussing such phenomenon. As a result, you can describe all sorts of different systems with fuzzy math, but almost no one actually uses fuzzy math to build those systems.

International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences

Fuzzy math could doom Trump’s attack on Obama climate rule The Trump administration’s plan to roll back Obama regulations calls for altering the cost-benefit balance, but that opens the door.

Oct 29,  · fuzzy math (’s | journalese (politics) | “creative accounting,” “fudging the numbers”) The first thing you need to know about fuzzy mathematics is that it is a genuine discipline, invented in the ’s and well established.

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Fuzzy math

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