Essay about sichuan earthquake

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Essay about sichuan earthquake

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Earthquake Sichuan In Maya memorial tragedy has carved our heart. More than 60, of our compatriots died in the Great Sichuan Earthquake.

It was a once-in-a-year strong earthquake registering a magnitude of 7. The province where the earthquake took place, Sichuan, is in western China and its capital is named Chengdu. It is surrounded by the Sichuan Basin.

On May 12,the earthquake occurred at The earthquake was so strong that it was felt by cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and neighbour places like Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Thailand also experienced tremors. The scope of the areas affected by the quake mainly included the north-east China along the Longmen Shan fault.

These endogenetic forces create fold mountains, and therefore the Sichuan basin is bounded by mountains on all sides. As a consequence, areas around the Sichuan Basin are prone to earthquake.

Inthere was a 7. What has caused such a massive earthquake? To be precise, according to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred because of the motion on a northeast striking reverse fault on the northwestern edge of the Sichuan Basin.

Since the crustal materials moved slowly from the high Tibetan Plateau, when they flowed to the strong crust underlying the Sichuan Basin and southeastern China, pressure gradually developed.

The energy was then released in the form of seismic waves and thus led to the occurrence of the earthquake. Another possible cause is that the huge amount of water storage in reservoirs in Sichuan developed stress over the crust.

The pressure stored may be released, causing an earthquake. There were not any official warnings prior to the main quake. This is attributed to the fact that earthquakes are hard to forecast, and the results are not always accurate. However, it is said that there was a sign revealing the earthquake: In the Sichuan Earthquake, the China Earthquake Administration did not find strong evidence to show that an earthquake was to be occurred.

Therefore, when the earthquake came, evacuation could not be made effective and thus a huge damage was resulted. Then on 12 May, an earthquake indeed struck the area. The main quake of the Sichuan Earthquake took place at In the following three days, many aftershocks still threatened the people.

There were 64 to major aftershocks, with magnitude ranging from 4. These aftershocks continued to bring new deaths and casualties in the area. For example, on 17 May, an aftershock destabilized a slope and caused a landslide.

On 25 and 27 May, the Qingchuan County had two aftershocks on the spot with magnitudes greater than 5. On 27 May again, an aftershock hit the Ningciang County.

Till 29 June, the number of deaths has reached about 70, and overpeople were injured. More than 17, people were missing, and many people were made homeless.

More than 15 million people must be evacuated out of the area, and about 45 million people were affected by the incident. As a recent natural hazard, the Sichuan Earthquake is definitely a severe one, with a tremendous destruction.

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This earthquake caused the most serious casualties and deaths after the occurrence of the Tangshan Earthquake in Apart from the loss of lives, the earthquake brought about many impacts as well.Great Sichuan Earthquake.

It was a once-in-a-year strong earthquake registering a magnitude of measured in the Richter scale. The province where the earthquake took place, Sichuan, is in western China and its capital is named Chengdu.

The Sichuan earthquake (Chinese: 四川大地震) was a big earthquake in China on May 12, Thousands of people were killed, thousands more people were missing and thousands were hurt. Millions of people were left homeless after their houses fell down. The earthquake could be felt 58 of kilometres away.

Kobe and Sichuan Earthquake Essay. Comparing Kobe and Sichuan Earthquake- “The wealth of a country influences the nature of the earthquake event experienced there” - Kobe and Sichuan Earthquake Essay introduction. With reference to the Kobe earthquake () and Sichuan earthquake (), decide whether this statement is true or not.

Sichuan earthquake of , also called Wenchuan earthquake or Great Wenchuan Earthquake, Chinese Wenchuan dizhen or Wenchuan Da Dizhen, massive and enormously devastating earthquake that occurred in the mountainous central region of Sichuan province in southwestern China on May 12, Major earthquake in Sichuan Essay Sample.

In May , a major earthquake hit Sichuan in the south west of China, it was estimated that around 69 to 80 people were killed and buildings collapsed with people in them information from an OCR science booklet, a news sheet.

Essay about sichuan earthquake

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