Drastic changes must be made essay

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Drastic changes must be made essay

Charles was heir to the throne, and was crowned at the age of 25, in England was protestant in this time. He was a very greedy king, but also strong-willed and determined, who longed for power, wealth and money. The trouble was, the power of parliament was growing, and the king wanted and needed money.

Charles I made many mistakes, which made him very unpopular with citizens and parliament, therefore the civil war broke out and had very destructive consequences. The war between parliament and royalty broke out in and ended ina total of 4 years.

Drastic changes must be made essay

During the sixteenth century, the power of parliament was very high, and had gradually been growing. The king took this opportunity to ask Parliament for money in financial difficulties such as war, or to ask them for permission to issue taxes for citizens to pay all around the country, as they were responsible for ruling the country and making important financial decisions as well as Charles.

Charles made many bad mistakes, which were the causes for war. At the beginning of his reign inCharles got off to a bad start. Firstly, he married a catholic. As the country was protestant, parliament refused to give him much-needed money, but he collects it anyway and demolishes parliament.

He ruled with parliament for 11 years. Charles made a very significant but also unnecessary drastic decision, which would change everything.

Although it did this was a temporary action, and nowadays parliament rules our country.

Drastic changes must be made essay

In Charles was officially independent. Next, he introduced unpopular taxes. In andCharles foolishly demanded ship money even n though at the time there was no war. Many people refused to pay the yearly payment, and they were arrested for this.

These actions made Charles I even more unpopular. His ideas and schemes upset people. People who were found guilty or writing pamplets attacking the Church and monastery were severely punished.

He made churches more decorated and elaborate and discouraged the clergy from preaching sermons about the bible.

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Extreme Protestants, known as the puritans were particularly angered by these changes. Many people even believed he wanted to bring the Catholic Church back, perhaps because this was his wives religion. Charles final big mistake, which along with the others was very destructive, was that he tried to extend his policies into Scotland.

Inhe made the terrible mistake of trying to change the Scottish rules. He tried to make them use the English prayer book, when they refused he sent an army to them, but when they were beaten the Scots demanded compensation.

Charles had ran out of money, taxpayers refused to issue more taxes for him, so in he had to return to parliament and beg for money. Parliament demanded more power.

These all contributed to the declaration of war that Charles made in The royalist supporting army was called cavaliers. The parliament supporters were called roundheads. They wore pot helmets to protect their heads, iron back and breastplates; a charge of gunpowder and an iron gauntlet protected their right arm.

The cavaliers wore more expensive, ornamental clothing and armour. They wore a calibre belt wit ha gun, a belt to support the gun, a stained yellow coat, a stand to support their musket when firing and they carried their bullets in a round bag. Charles was faced with many demands by parliament, overall 19 propositions, and had to make a compromise; as a result of this many changes were made.

Here are some of the compromises and demands: Parliament demanded that Charles should take his advice from sensible ministers, and that some of them should be from parliament. Charles made no response or agreement to this issue.

Parliament demanded tat the changes Charles and archbishop Laud made to the church must be reversed, Charles agreed that they would not be reversed, but archbishop laud would be jailed.

Parliaments demanded that taxes should not be raised without their agreement; Charles agreed that ship money would be made illegal. Parliament demanded that Charles should end his special courts; Charles agreed tat they would be abolished.

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