Diversion in the criminal justice system essay

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Diversion in the criminal justice system essay

Most criminal activity is done by people from the ages of 14 and Diversion is meant to help keep people out of the criminal Justice system; due to the fact most of them are not violent offenders. It refers to people that are not a serious threat to society, but made a wrong choice and it is their first time offending.

Using diversion, the courts hope that it will not only keep people out of the criminal Justice system, but it will help them, rehabilitate hem, or try to resolve the problem.

It also is an additional way to keep from overcrowding Jails, courts, and any kind of correction institution. In doing this the courts can focus on more serious offenders.

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New developments on targeting specific behaviors through the use of theoretical models of supervision can improve outcomes, or at least delay further offending? Probation is a way to stay in touch with the offender, by having them come in and have meetings with their probation officer.

They make sure that the offender is doing everything they are oppose to do, paying court cost, trying to find a Job, not getting in any more trouble, and to Just make sure the offender stays on top of their priorities.

Diversion has been around for centuries. This statement backs up some of the history behind diversion. The scholarly debate was further developed by the research of Becker as well as Element Becker argued that labeling by certain social groups in power have a detrimental effect on Juveniles.

Diversion in the Criminal Justice System – LawEssay

This makes complete sense why this would be thought of in the way it was. Attenuate, Becker, and Element were all right in the idea that Juveniles should be dismissed from the criminal Justice system, to be given another chance.

This is why they try to give them another chance and treat them with a diversion program of some sort. Police officers have been practicing diversion for a long time. They trusted that the offender would not recommit once they had been caught once, considering it was their first time, or they only committed a minor crime.

Diversion in the criminal justice system essay

However, the diversion that is used today is more of a modern approach. Programs are offered, that instills goals in people, and is managed by a professional staff that offers assistance and treatment.

This is how program and treatment are today. All of this is to try to keep people out of the criminal Justice system.Diversion in the Criminal Justice System Criminal Justice Policy April Research Paper April 16, Diversion has been known to be called, “the easy way out”, or “a slap on the wrist”, but diversion entails more than an offender saying, “They got an easy way out”.

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Since , public prosecutors in Belgium can propose penal mediation to criminal suspects. The supervision and follow-up in this procedure are provided by ‘justice assistants’ (comparable to probation officers), who systematically record. Online Library of Liberty. A collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets.


A project of Liberty Fund, Inc. Buy Juvenile Diversion, Intervention, and Prevention Programs essay paper online Introduction Juvenile diversion is an effort made by the state and human rights division to divert or channel out juvenile offending policies from juvenile justice system. JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM FINAL PAPER FOUNDATIONS OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM-CJS/ April 21, Pilar Atterberry, Student Prof.: BRENDA BARNEY INTRODUCTION The rate of juvenile offenders has decreased in some states are since its spike in the early ’s.

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