Consumer attitude toward green marketing

There has been a change in consumer attitudes towards a green lifestyle.

Consumer attitude toward green marketing

Bilal Afsar Success of organizational initiatives for environmental sustainability hinges upon employees' proenvironmental behaviors. One of the contemporary important challenges faced by HR professionals is to ensure proper integration of environmental sustainability into human resource policies.

The green human resource management green HRM has emerged from organizations engaging in practices related to protection of environment and maintaining ecological balance.

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of green HRM practices green recruitment and selection, green training and development, green performance management and appraisal, green reward and compensation, and green empowerment on employee's proenvironmental behavior. Moreover, this study is going to test the mediating effect of proenvironmental psychological capital and the moderating effect of environmental knowledge on green HRM practices—proenvironmental behavior.

Consumer attitude towards green marketing: an exploratory study - CORE

Data from employees working in coal generating, power industry, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries were collected. Results revealed that green HRM practices positively affected employee's proenvironmental behavior, and proenvironmental psychological capital mediated this link.

Employee's environmental knowledge moderated the effect of green HRM practices on proenvironmental behavior. A large part of the literature argues that consumers purchase GPs because of their environmental concerns and values Pam, ;Smith, ;Kim, and are willing to pay a higher price for these products Hume, ; Cherian and Jacob, ; Moser, ;Justin and Jyoti,showing greater readiness to choose them Lin and Huang, Contrary, other studies support that although environmental values may play a role, other motivations and structural factors often play a greater role Jackson, ;Kollmuss and Agyeman, ;Schultz et al.

Finally, because of the GPs' higher prices than traditional ones Moser, ;Zhao and Zhong,price is expected to influence purchasing decisions Gleim et al.

Indeed, there are consumers who are willing to pay more for GPs Laroche et al. Committed environmentalists, who have adopted many green habits, turned to be stronger green consumers and are willing to pay a premium for those products.

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The present evidence supports the previous studies' work which argued that environmental concerns and values lead to green purchases Pam, ;Smith, ;Kim, and green consumers are also willing to pay a higher price for these products Hume, ; Cherian and Jacob, ; Moser, ;Justin and Jyoti, It was also confirmed that the environmental principles have been very helpful in green consumer's profiling Bhate and Lawler, ;Diamantopoulos et al.The study of consumers’ attitude and purchasing intention toward green packaged foods helps At this time, green marketing activities amongst the The attitude of consumer toward a green product or service can be a major deciding.

a study on consumer attitude and purchase intension towards the green marketing with special references to fmcg products in trichy prof. robinson. Behavior and attitude of consumers regarding green products the consumer attitude toward green products and how it is influenced by culture.

Based on a literature review, two research questions were created. participating to the marketing program. The procedure of . marketing strategy, it should not forget attitude of consumers towards green marketing. The outcome of this paper may trigger the minds of marketer to give a thought for adopting the.

GREEN MARKETING - AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS GREEN PRODUCTS 19, views. Share; AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS GREEN PRODUCTS eco-friendly products overconventional products &To find out the relation between consumers’attitude and perception towards green marketingw.r.t price sensitivity and quality.

Green Marketing: A Study of Consumers’ Attitude towards Keywords: green marketing, green products, consumer attitude 1. Introduction The growth of green marketing and green consumer is “perhaps the biggest opportunity for enterprise and invention the industrial world has ever seen" (Cairncross ).

Consumer attitude toward green marketing
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