Ben jerry annual report

Nine years ago, after starting an ice-cream shop in a renovated gas station in Vermont, two young hippies named Ben and Jerry were confronted by a formidable foe. The giant Pillsbury-owned Haaagen-Dazs Co. They sued Pillsbury and settled out of court. The rest is ice-cream-making history.

Ben jerry annual report

The Company also manufactures ice cream novelty products. The Company is committed to using milk and cream that have not been treated with the synthetic hormone, rBGH. The Company uses natural ingredients in its products. The Company embraces a philosophy that manifests itself in these attributes: The Company believes that it has maintained a reputation for producing gourmet-quality natural ice cream and frozen desserts, and for sponsoring or creating light-hearted promotions that foster an image as an independent socially conscious Vermont company.

The statement includes a "product mission," to make, distribute and sell the finest quality all-natural ice cream"; an "economic mission," to "operate the Company on a sound financial basis The Company makes cash contributions equal to 7.

Excluded from the 7. Forthe 7. The band established the Water Wheel Foundation to support the protection and preservation of Lake Champlain.

The Company donates product to public events and community celebrations in the Vermont area. As already noted, Community Action Teams at each site make grants in Vermont.

The Sasson Report: Contaminated Ben & Jerry's ice cream, genetic engineering, sodium in pasta sauce

Also, the Company, acting as an agent, transfers funds to charitable organizations throughout Vermont derived from the sale of product to participating Vermont retail grocers.

Albans Cooperative Creamery was amended to include, as a condition for payment of the premium, an assurance from the St. In Decemberthe St. The CERES Principles establish an environmental ethic with criteria by which investors and others can assess the environmental performance of companies.

Ben jerry annual report

Super premium ice cream is generally characterized by a greater richness and density than other kinds of ice cream. This higher quality ice cream generally costs more than other kinds and is usually marketed by emphasizing quality, flavor selection, texture and brand image.

Other types of ice cream are largely marketed on the basis of price. Super premium ice cream, super premium frozen yogurt and, more recently, super premium sorbet have become an important part of the frozen dessert industry. In response to the demand for lower fat, lower cholesterol products, the Company introduced its own super premium low fat frozen yogurt in In Februarythe Company introduced lactose-free and cholesterol-free sorbet.

In the Company introduced nine new flavors and two new novelty products.*Customer bespoke report pricing begins at $ and may include add-on fees for additional customizations. Our business subscription provides you with a savings of, at a minimum, $!! Where 2 reports are received on an annual basis.


Ben jerry annual report

– Half Baked has retained the title of Ben & Jerry’s top ice-cream flavor, according to the company’s annual rankings based on total July, Ben & Jerry’s releases a list of its top ice-cream flavors in honor of National Ice Cream Month, and Half Baked has come out on top for the fifth consecutive year.

Our Annual Report and Accounts provides further detail on our performance during the year and how our business model is delivering accelerated returns for . Ben & Jerry’s produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using high-quality ingredients including milk and cream from family farmers who do not treat their cows with the synthetic hormone rBGH.

Information on record in the Clerk's Office of the Commission is listed below. If no information is listed or a change to the information is needed, the annual report must be submitted on a paper annual report form that has been furnished by the Commission. Ben & Jerry's annual report on the company's social impact, environmental impact, and corporate social responsibility.

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