Animals like people

Courtesy of New Harvest. With all the writing about dogs, it might seem that we are too much infatuated with their unique qualities. But that is not it at all. Even while we are ostensibly doing everything in our power to ascertain the nature and desires of dogs, the questions we ask obscure or betray what is most salient about them and necessary to their lives.

Animals like people

Animals like people

It also includes prosimians, which are smaller, more primitive animals that we recognize as cute enough to be our relatives.

Potto The potto Perodicticus potto is only found in the tropical forests of equatorial Africa. They live in trees and eat ants and other insects. The potto is distinguished from the loris by its neck bones, which form a sort of shield over its back.

These nocturnal animals have a brush of cartilage under their tongues, which they use to clean their teeth.

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Galago Primates of the family Galagidae are called bush babies or galagos. Bush babies, native to sub-Saharan Africa, will eat anything from tree sap to snakes. They can turn their heads degrees, completely to their backs! The name bush baby comes from the cry of the galago which sounds like a human baby.

Animals like people

They are so cute that some people keep them as pets, which is not recommended as they are nocturnal animals and need a large territory. Image by Flickr user Joachim S. Lemurs The many species of lemurs consist of several families of primates native to Madagascar. The ring-tailed lemur Lemur catta is the species we are most familiar with, as it is one of the few prosimian species that is active during daylight hours, and because they will readily reproduce in zoos.

However, the species is classified as vulnerable due to habitat destruction. Sifaka lemurs Propithecus candidus gave us the term "leapin' lemurs", as you can see in this video. Image by Flickr user Adrian Stewart Chortler. I should have married one. Slender Loris The gray slender loris Loris lydekkerianus and the red slender loris Loris tardigradus are two of several species of slender loris found in tropical Asia, particularly in India and Sri Lanka.

They eat mostly insects, but will also eat leaves, eggs, and slugs. Slender lorises have traditionally been considered to have magic or medicinal powerswhich has contributed to their decline. Although the number of slender lorises is hard to pin down, they are considered endangered.

Slow Loris There are three species of slow loris Nycticebus and all are native to south Asia, from India to the Philippines. Slow lorises are carnivores that eat birds, eggs, shellfish, insects, and reptiles. Although slow lorises are unbelievably cute, as many found out by watching this videothey do not make good pets.

They exude a toxin from their elbows which they deliver by bitingand are illegal to import in most countries. Aye-aye You may be familiar with the Aye-aye Daubentonia Madagascariensis from pictures that are presented as a "what is it?

Aye-ayes are found in Madagascar, where they are considered a bad omen by natives and often killed on sight, which contributes to their status as near-threatened.Oct 18,  · How to Act Like an Animal In this Article: Acting Like a Walking Animal Acting Like a Flying Animal Acting Like a Swimming Animal Community Q&A If you want to play animals with your friends, you can learn the basics about lots of different 68K.

Treating animals like humans would mean that we could no longer eat meat. It also means that any animal that killed another animal would be guilty of murder. Animals should have fundamental rights but not on par with humans. While animals being treated like humans sounds nice it is really not practical in the real world.

"Animals are Beautiful People" is a classic nature film that has been restored and made to DVD quality. I had a taped VHS of this documentary as a child, and I Reviews: Yes.

If a person smells attractive (i.e. delicious!, bloody!), certain animals, like sharks, tigers and other apex predators and carnivores, certainly will give you all the attention you can handle.

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