An essay on my experience as an orthodox jew for two weekends

Women in his books were at times little more than objects of desire and rage and The Village Voice once put his picture on its cover, condemning him as a misogynist. Roth was the last of the great white males: A whole lot of talented writers, it turns out.

An essay on my experience as an orthodox jew for two weekends

For each film, Shunyamurti offers an exquisite teaching to guide the experience in a way that will provide the deepest and most thoughtful reflections and post-movie discussions. We hope these poetic treasures will inspire you to find the sacred journey and intelligence that is hidden in the films we feature.

Tonight we are going to screen a film adaptation of a novel by Chaim Potok, entitled The Chosen.

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It is a coming-of-age story of two boys in Brooklyn during the Second World War. One boy, Reuven, is a modern orthodox Jew. They live in two different culture worlds, even though both study the Talmud and say the same prayers.

The film gets the Hasidic clothing right, and the sidelocks and beards. But there the psycho-cultural realism ends. The tzaddik is depicted as a shrill, one-dimensional, somewhat sadistic leader lacking in authentic wisdom.

There is little mention of the Kabbalah. Danny is depicted as a culturally and intellectually deprived genius, who secretly goes to the public library to discover Freud and other modern secular thinkers. But in reality, Danny would have had many things to say back to Freud, he would not have simply absorbed what he read without being able to call upon the esoteric Jewish wisdom he would have been learning in his Hasidic studies to critique the propositions of psychoanalysis.

But many Hasidic men have studied in secular schools and fields.

An essay on my experience as an orthodox jew for two weekends

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, for example, had an engineering degree from the Sorbonne. Nor is his having a Jewish friend outside the sect.

That, too, would not likely have happened. But despite these failings, the film sincerely portrays a friendship that overcomes egoic and social obstacles and shows how two boys navigate the irrational world they have inherited to become men—self-reinventing, independently thinking, and decisively acting, real men.

Reuven has to face the unavailability of a desirable young Hasidic woman, while he tempts Danny with the availability of erotic experience in the secular world, ranging from the examination of the female nude in an art museum to the graphic sexuality of a Hollywood film to the reality of desirous females in a promiscuous culture with few limits on the pursuit of sensual gratification.

At the same time, it portrays two fathers who likewise try to live their lives as truthfully and as generously and egolessly as possible, while struggling with the impossible task of providing the symbolic guidance their sons will need to face a rapidly changing world, which only the signifier of Jewishness enables them to make sense of.

The film also depicts the stunted social roles of women and their forced separation from the intellectual milieu that the men are allowed to explore.

The Chosen succeeds in portraying the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood in a time in which the patriarchy, and its concept of manhood, is on the brink of collapse. It is a time that will soon reveal the naivete of idealistic Zionists, as well as of orthodox psychoanalysts.

An Essay on Contemporary American Jewish Life

One gets the sense that these two men will be able to cope with those tectonic shifts as well. I hope the film holds your interest and provokes lively discussion of its themes.

It did succeed in portraying a bit of the flavor of that period of my own life in which I, like Reuven, peered into the world of the Brooklyn Hasidim.

Tradition of Ecstasy retreat, Shunyamurti discuss the role of Kabbalah today, as well as speaking to some of the topics and themes that relate to this essay as well as the film.

When I stopped restricting my fiction reading, I realized how many stories were possible

Each thread is essential to understand in its relation to the others if we are to perceive the Great Tapestry of cosmic manifestation in its totality and merge with the ineffable mind of God. The accurate understanding of the deep knowledge carried by Kabbalah enables one to be fully aligned with the Supreme Will and not only live in perfect peace in this period of massively accelerating transformation, but function as a catalyst for the emergence of the world to come.Nov 12,  · The increasingly high rate of Jews marrying non-Jews (coupled with a birthrate that, with the exception of the Orthodox, is relatively low) is spoken of by Jewish .

May 24,  · Watch video · I was raised in an Orthodox household and sent to a Jewish school where I was taught Torah and prayer. I was taught about the Holocaust and the founding of Israel.

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The Chosen – Shunyamurti Movie Night Essay. By Shunyamurti on Sunday September 17th, It is a coming-of-age story of two boys in Brooklyn during the Second World War. One boy, Reuven, is a modern orthodox Jew. The other, Danny, is an ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jew, the son of the sect’s tzaddik.

They live in two different culture . NEW YORK (JTA) — A woman who was featured in a hit Netflix documentary about former Orthodox Jews says the fact that she was openly lesbian was cut from the film.

Etty Ausch, 33, is one of three. Orthodox Judaism is the most religiously stringent of the three main streams of American Judaism. Its adherents believe the Torah was given to the Jewish people in a mass revelation at Mount Sinai and that the rabbinical tradition (known as the Oral Law) is a faithful elucidation of divine rules for Jewish living that are obligatory upon all Jews .

The Imaginary Jew Two new novels, by Michael Chabon and Nathan Englander, recharge the modern Jewish experience with a sense of the exotic. By William Deresiewicz.

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