255 words essay

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255 words essay

255 words essay

Short Paragraph on Computer Viruses Words Article shared by It would be no exaggeration to say that there is a cyber crime wave in recent years. Presently, viruses are the most common problems which are causing serious damage to computer system.

Virus is a program or code that replicates and infects another programme, sector or document by inserting itself or attaching itself to that medium.

The effect of virus is that it destroys or alters the data files and other programs. Except in rare cases, the virus does not damage the computer hardware.

There are more than different strains of viruses across the globe. So also, the virus recently developed by Pakistan has defaced the Indian web-site. Generally, there are two main classes of viruses. The file infectors, which attach themselves to ordinary program files. File infectors can either be direct action or resident.

A direct-action virus selects one or more of the other programs to infect each time the program that contains it, is executed. A resident virus hides itself somewhere in memory. The first time an infected program is executed, and thereafter infects other programs when they are executed.

The second category of virus is boot-record infectors. These viruses infect executable code found in certain system areas on a disk, which are not ordinary files. Examples include Brain, Sonde, Azusa, Michelangelo etc.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Words: - Pages: 27 Scm Final Exam Essay PENN STATE UNIVERSITY ABINGTON Subject: Supply Chain Management Course Number: SCM Topic: Final Exam Format: Part II Instructor: Dr.

Joseph Jang Due: . words - 8 pages ensure a healthy diet, prevent heart attacks and chronic diseases like cancer, and improve brain function. Phytochemicals give plants their color, flavor, smell, and texture, and they are contained within a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, legumes, nuts and spices (American Dietetic Association ; Homsey ).

Remy is a rat who lived in a French country home with the pack led by his father. Gifted with a keen sense, he aspired to be a chef. When the pack was discovered by the human, Remy is separated from the pack and ended up aground underneath Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris.

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